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On this website you will find all information on the Kunstenplan Openbare Ruimte Tilburg 2001-2010.

Ideas for artprojects which are sent in by the KORT-oproep, are selected once a year.
In KORT-beleid the vision, the plan and the workbox of KORT are explained, here you can also find the KORT-jaarprogramma with the latest information on KORT-artprojects and KORT-jaarverslag where the KORT annuals are presented.

In addition, you will find several links to other related sites. Also, you will find information about the visual arts to be found in the streets and public parks of Tilburg, Udenhout and Berkel-Enschot. With the help of an aerial photograph -kunst op de kaart-, art routes -kunst en route- or an index - kunst van A tot Z - you will get to know the city in a new way.

A selection of works of art is shown on the site. This selection will be expanded in the course of time.For more information about the works of art, the KORT plan or the website, please contact the municipality of Tilburg: Gerdi Beks, dienst Beleidsontwikkeling, afdeling Ruimtelijke Ordening, team Architectuur, Beeldende kunst en Cultuurhistorie, Postbus 717, 5000 AS Tilburg, T 013 542 9408.

If you find that a work of art has been damaged, we would be grateful if you would let us know. Please mention where the work of art is, what its title is (if it has one), the kind of damage, and when you noticed the damage.


This website was commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg. The book 'Kunst Onderweg' (1986 and 1992) by Paul van de Sande has been a major source of information and inspiration in making the website.
The brochures 'Kunst in Opdracht', published by the Tilburgse Kunststichting (Tilburg Art Foundation) and commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg were also a helpful source of images and information.

Text: Gerdi Beks, Mark Lemmers, Atty Bax, Paul van de Sande, Annemieke Witteveen, Jacques van Ingen, Jan Doms, Bert Matthijssen en Jacqueline Moors.
Photography: Bart van Hattum photographs Piet Haagh en Jeroen Doorenweerd, Wil van Dusseldorp black and white photographs , Jacqueline Moors color photographs, Ernest Potters photographs Marius Boender, Albert Goederond, Herman Kuijer, Hans Muller, Rob Moonen and Peter Struycken, August Swietkowiak black and white photograph Guus Voermans, Bob Goedewaagen photographs Milou van Ham, Jan van der Ploeg en Ilya Toornvliet photographs and illustration Marcel Kronenburg, A. van Campenhout.

Visitors of this site are reminded that the exhibited works are subject to copyright law. For use of works of visual artists affiliated with CISAC-organisation, other than consulation via Internet, permission is required from Pictoright.